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If you’re an owner of a small business, you understand the importance of online reviews and an informative website on Google. You also probably know how quickly technology and social media are constantly changing. It’s a challenge to keep up with it all. If it seems like Google is always changing their requirements or that another new social media platform is always popping up, you’re right!

We come from a family full of entrepreneurs and have seen first hand the challenges a small business owner is faced with. Not only are you providing services to your customers, today you are expected to have a website, various social media pages, hundreds of directories, a consistent name, address and phone on Google, Yahoo and Bing, you also need online reviews!

This is exactly why MoreStars was founded. We are here to help the little guy…the “one man” or “one woman” shop. It’s you who, too often, don’t have that business partner or spouse to take over the management of your online assets. MoreStars is here to help in every way. We’re small, flexible and plan to keep it that way.



“I have nothing but good things to say about working with the MoreStars folks. They bend over backwards to be sure customers are getting the most from their experience using MoreStars. Customer Service is excellent. I highly recommend MoreStars.” – Helene


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